As a rapidly growing fuel logistics and consulting company, we are primarily engaged in the distribution of fuel and fuel-related products and services nationwide.
With abundant expertise and unrivaled dedication, we pride ourselves as the preferred fuel partner for all your petroleum needs.


  • Unleaded Gasoline
  • Automotive Gas Oil (Diesel)
  • Fuel Oil (Marine Fuel)
  • Gazpromneft Lubricants
  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)
  • Residual Fuel Oil (RFO)
  • Kerosene



Direct Supply of Fuel & Petroleum Products

Savfuel Petroleum is the only company in Ghana that specialises in door-to-door delivery of clean fuel. With a minimum order of 500 litres, we supply our customers with fuel at the same rates as the filling stations, making delivery virtually free.  We provide 24 hour customer support and also cater to emergency delivery requests. To ensure transparency, our trucks are calibrated with meters that give our clients the ability to record volumes dispensed at delivery.

Bulk Diesel Delivery

We currently supply over 300,000 litres of high quality Automotive Gas Oil (AGO) monthly to our client base made up of transport companies, schools, hotels, hospitals, mines, rural contractors, civil contractors, quarries, factories and vessels.


Machine/Generator Refuelling Services

Savfuel Petroleum also provides “direct-to-machine” refuelling services to customers that operate with large capacity generators or machinery that is fuelled from a central storage tank. This exclusive level of service substitutes the need for security measures that are associated with temporary bulk fuel storage. It also gives our clients greater control over their machine refuelling, allowing them to focus on the demands of managing a complex site.

Fuel Storage

Together with our experienced partners, we supply our clients with a range of stationary and mobile tanks to take care of all their storage, dispensing and fuel management needs. We also provide specialist installation services which can be tailored to your various operational needs.


Clean Fuel

Clean fuel is essential for optimal machine performance and durability. Savfuel Petroleum have made it a priority to invest in a world class Oil Filtration System (OFS) that employs the most efficient filter elements to achieve maximum fuel cleanliness.

Our OFS is designed to particle matter to produce clean fuel that meet stringent OEM specifications.

Using clean, filtered fuel will ensure that your machines are protected from clogging and engine build-up. In the long run, this helps to prevent damage, avoid expensive repairs and increase operational efficiency.

2-Stage Filter Housing Assembly sized properly to handle up to a 100 GPM flow rate of #2 Diesel Fuel. This assembly consists of two carbon steel filter housings plumbed in series, the first one accepting (1) nominally rated polyester felt bag filter and the second accepting (1) high efficiency pleated micro glass filter element rated Beta>1000 per ISO 16889. This combination of filter elements will enable you to quickly and reliably achieve very low particle counts to meet or exceed new fuel oil cleanliness specifications. This assembly is rated for a maximum allowable operating pressure of 150 PSI, and it comes equipped with 2” flanged inlet/outlet connections with isolation butterfly valves. Standard features include differential pressure gauges for positive indication when the filters are plugged and need to be changed, a check valve on the discharge to prevent reverse flow, upstream/downstream fuel sample ports, drain ports with valves, and a carbon steel skid base with spill containment lip and forklift slots.

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